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Eastern York Recreation Authority

Posted Mar 25, 2019

March 31, 2019

I wanted to update everyone on our upcoming 2019 EYRA Knights Baseball season. At this time, every player for our 8U,10U, and 12U teams should have been notified by their coaches. If you have not been contacted, please let me know. Tball players will be notified this week. We will have 2 Tball teams, a (BLUE) and (GOLD) team. At this point, both teams could use a few more players and I expect some more players to contact me in next few weeks. All other age levels are closed to any new players. As in years past, we and Craley Baseball are the only two programs to have Tball, so all games will be either at Hellam Baseball Complex or at Cabin Branch Fields in Craley. (2019 Tball schedule is attached)

Picture day is scheduled for Sunday May 5th at Hellam Baseball Complex.
I ask every player and coach to be there at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time. The photographer will not wait for anyone that is not on time. Please make sure you are on time with picture form filled out, and in proper uniform. I thank all parents ahead of time for help making this go smoothly. Times are as follows:

12:30  Tball (BLUE)
12:45 Tball (GOLD)
1:00 8U (McCleary)
1:15 8U (Rohrbach)
1:30 10U (Rumsey)
2:00 12U (Leiphart)

I want to say a big thank you to all our coaches, assistants, and anyone else that helps make this season run smoothly. The next 3 months, you will put a lot of your free time in helping our young players grow into good baseball players. It is not easy being a coach and at times it’s frustrating, however I really think I have a lot of good people this season coaching our teams. If I can help in any way, feel free to reach out to me.

I also want to thank all our parents. Without a lot of sacrifice from you over next 3 months our baseball program would not exist. I do ask all my parents for a few things each season. Every team would love to have a team parent or someone that helps the coach out with a lot of small things like planning who will work our concession stand. Our coaches do a lot and it’s always nice to not have to worry about the concession stand. Any parent interested, please approach your coach. One more thing is Sportsmanship. I understand baseball is very competitive and at times very emotional. But while cheering for our teams, please use good sportsmanship towards all players and coaches on our teams and our opponents. Always keep in mind you’re representing our program and more importantly your son or daughter.

We will start practice this week or when your coach schedules them. That will continue until the last week in April. Then our regular season will begin. I know everyone wants to know their schedules for scheduling work, family events, … please keep in mind they usually don’t get released until the middle of April at the earliest. As soon as I receive them, I will pass them onto your coach.

Reminder to everyone tomorrow is the last day to order spirit wear. ( No exceptions ) -

We need to close it April 1 to allow us to receive our new gear around the start of our season



March 25, 2019
Hello Everyone -

I would like to welcome everyone to the upcoming 2019 spring baseball season. It will be our first season under the new Eastern York Recreation Authority (EYRA). This new organization is the first step to one day having all our youth baseball teams playing under one roof, representing our Eastern York School District. For all of you that have played under the old Hellam Youth Baseball program, not much will change. As we stand now, Hallam Borough, Hellam Township, and Lower Windsor Township have decide to commit and support the EYRA program. We hope to have every borough part of this program in the near future.

EVALUATIONS         Sunday, March 24 
The first thing that will take place is our evaluations. Please understand this is not a tryout. We will use this time to place your son/daughter on the correct team that will help them develop their skills. Most age levels will have 2 teams. One team will play at a higher skill level and one will play in a basic skill level. We will use the evaluations to place the players on the proper team. Each age level evaluations will last about 1hr 30min and will take place at the Hellam Baseball complex located next to Hallam Borough office, 250 West Beaver, St. Hallam PA. Listed are the following times for each age group (there will be no evaluations for the T-ball level)

8-under: 10:00am           10-under: 12:00 noon          12-under: 2:00pm

Once all the teams have been formed, each team will be assigned a field and 2 evenings a week to practice. Exact times will be decided by the coach. As of now, we will use the fields at Hellam Baseball Complex and at Rexroth Park (located in Lower Windsor). I have had many parents reach out to me letting me know their child needs specific practice nights due to playing a second sport. I will do my very best to make that work out for every player. I also understand some players would like to play with their friends, neighbor, etc. Those requests are very hard for me to deliver, but I will always keep them in mind when forming our teams.

Practice will normally begin around April 1
and last until the regular season games begin. Then practice will be upon request or when a field is available. Games will start last week in April. There are no set days for games. Games can be scheduled Monday through Saturday (T-ball games will only be on Sunday afternoons). I will do my best to schedule all our home games at the Hellam Baseball Complex before using Rexroth fields. All regular season games and playoffs are completed by July 1.  After all teams are formed, you will receive a phone call from your coach with more details.

As most of you already know, I take our uniforms very seriously. I am a big believer in if you look good that leads to playing good. Each player will receive a jersey and hat. Players are responsible to provide (GRAY) baseball pants, (NAVY) socks and (NAVY) belt. Our league requires every player’s uniform to match. Any other colors will not be accepted (if anyone can’t provide the required pants, socks or belt, please contact me). Another request I have is that all players uniform jersey must be tucked in while playing in any game. I thank all parents ahead of time for following these guidelines.

Once again, our wonderful ladies Jean and Jen will take care of our concession stand. Their duties are to supply the stand with all our food, snacks, and drinks. Every home game, they will open the stand and return after the game to close the stand. It will not be their duty to run the stand during our home games. That will be the teams playing responsibility. Every team will hopefully have a team parent that will take care of organizing a schedule for their team’s home games. Again, I thank everyone ahead of time for volunteering to help make sure this runs smoothly all season.

Here is where you will be able to order all your new baseball gear for the new organization - https://eyraknightsbaseball.itemorder.com/sale

The store will remain open until April 1 (no exceptions)

I do not have picture dates at this time. Look for more info coming soon.

As of now, I still am looking for many head coaches. If anyone is interested, please contact me with any questions.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about the upcoming season, please contact me by email, phone or text.

Thank you,
Shawn Leiphart
EYRA Knight Baseball Coordinator